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  • Improved retina imaging

    Now available at PHENOMIN-ICS!

    The eyes are the windows into your rodent studies. Whether testing behaviour with vision-related tests, vascular pressure, metabolic disorders, or angiogenesis, an examination of the retina can be a critical first line test.  Phenomin-ICS is proud to have integrated Phoenix Research Labs Micron retinal imaging platform to its validated phenotyping tests.  This system can currently be used for slit-lamp imaging, fundus imaging, and different fluorescent examinations of the retina including detailed angiography. 

  • Oncology services

    PHENOMIN has developed expertise for oncology studies using mouse models for cancer progression and/or initiation. We can provide expert advice, define a targeting strategy, and ensure high scientific and technical output in accordance with your needs.

  • Better animal models of human disease

    CRISPR technology giving efficient tools, what is the best strategy to modelize human disease in rodent? Published on 4 July 2017

  • ORDER your own RAT model !

    PHENOMIN-ICS opens new opportunities for researchers in their choice of the most suitable animal model.

    To complete our mouse services and resources, PHENOMIN-ICS generates genetically engineered rat models through CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing.


  • Courses at PHENOMIN-ICS

    4 next opportunities for French and International scientists to benefit from our outstanding expertise in Mouse Functional Genomics 

    Have a look to our whole training offer ! 

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