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Resources and Technologies

To secure and to control the huge amount of data generated by all the operations, a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has been developed. The ICS has a dedicated team of 4 people to manage its information system. The team has developed modern, web-based applications to capture process and analyse all relevant data of the ICS. These databases cover major activities (genetic engineering, animal facility, phenotyping), as well as transversal fields such as quality control.

  •  The team has published several public resources, such as MousePat, NR Zoo and CreERT2 Zoo, and plans to provide more in the future in order to create new mouse tools for the community.
  •  Jointly with the IGBMC, the team has also developed a strong expertise in statistics and data mining. In-depth analysis performed across studies allows for a better understanding of systems biology and optimized processes.
  •  The team has a strong expertise in collaborations with partners from different origins. It participates actively in European projects, such as EUMODIC, and helps in the design of its database Europhenome, as well as in the set up of the international IMPC program database. Interactions with big pharmaceutical companies have also been successfully established to deliver in time scientific projects. 

ICS resources

Genetic Engineering Mouse Zoo

CreERT2 Zoo

  • MouseCre
    • Database of more than 50 cell or tissue specific promoters driven CreERT2 transgenic lines.


  • MousePat
    • Database providing comprehensive analysis of the Nuclear Receptors (NRs) expression in the adult mouse brain.

Distribution fees

Live Mice (6-7 weeks of age, 2-3 Breeding pairs): 3200 € 
Frozen materials: 1600 €

In most of the case only heterozygous carrier has been used for archiving and thus the distributed materiel may contain carrier (mutant or transgenic) and control (not mutant or not transgenic) embryos or gametes. ICS offers additional breeding services to e.g. generate cohorts of homozygous mutants. A quotation for such a service is available upon request.

Please note that all the lines are not specifically maintained for distribution. We thus cannot guaranty immediate shipment of live animals you requested. Once a request of interest is received, you will be contacted by email within a week to give you an up-to date availability of the requested line.

More Details on the restrictions, on PI and on the distribution is available upon request.


CRISPR-Cas9 is a rapid and cost effective technology to generate mouse and rat mutant models. Now we can offer the generation of knock-out models though direct injection into fertilized mouse oocytes of CRISPR sgRNA and Cas9 mRNA. This approach allows to obtain models in shorter timelines and with reduced costs compared to gene targeting by homologous recombination in ES cells.

Download the FAQs in PHENOMIN's resources web page: CRISPR guidelines.

Public resources

Listing established thanks to the great work from the Hopkins Institute

Mouse Pathobiology & Phenotyping Short Course and concurrent ME680.712 SOM Graduate School Course

Find your mice + health surveillance info at :

Charles River (Crl)Harlan (Hsd, Ola)JAX (J)NCI Frederick (N, Cr)Taconic (Tac)

Find GEM at :

PHENOMIN's mouse linesMouse model for rare diseasesICS ServicesGenowayDeltagen and Lexicon Knockout Mice and Phenotypic Data Jax IMSR (Induced Mutant Strain Resource) KOMP Knockout mouse projectMMRRC

More resources online

ICS ResourcesComplex Trait ConsortiumEdinburgh Mouse Atlas Project (EMAP, EMAGE)MPD (prioritized strains, protocols, data, more)MTB (Mouse Tumor Biology) DatabaseTumor frequency grid

Brain Atlas Projects

High Resolution Mouse Brain AtlasMBL (Mouse Brain Library)

JAX online resources

A Color Atlas of Neoplastic and Non Neoplastic Lesions in Aging Mice Frith & Ward 1988Anatomy of the laboratory mouse - CookThe Coat colors of miceIMSR - Find MiceJAX - ES Cell listMGIMichael Festings list & description of mouse strainsNomenclature home pageMouse Genetics by Lee Silver (1995)

Welfare and reporting guidance

ICS WebsiteWorkman, P., E. O. Aboagye, et al. (2010). "Guidelines for the welfare and use of animals in cancer research."Arrive Guidelines (Animals in Research: Reporting In Vivo Experiments)

More pathology resources

ICS MousePatA Color Atlas of Neoplastic and Non Neoplastic Lesions in Aging Mice - Frith & Ward 1988JOVE (Charles River Laboratories)NIAID Veterinary PathologyNIEHS LEP Clinical PathologyNTP - study results for control DataSkinbase mutant mouse skin pathology UC Davis MMHCC Image ArchiveUC Davis Visible MouseUC Davis Virtual mouse NecropsyUC Davis Genomic Pathology Course Online

Pathology Nomenclature

MMHCC mouse models of human cancer consortiumPathbase European Mutant Mouse Pathology DatabaseToxpathToxpath RENI

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