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A new mouse model of ARX dup24 recapitulates the patients' behavioural and fine motor alterations.

Dubos A(1)(2)(3)(4), Meziane H(4), Iacono G(5), Curie A(6), Riet F(4), Martin C(7), Loaec N(8), Birling MC(4), Selloum M(4), Normand E(7)(9), Pavlovic G(4), Sorg T(4), Stunnenberg HG(5), Chelly J(1)(2)(3)(10), Humeau Y(7), Friocourt G(8), Herault Y(1)(2)(3)(4).
Hum Mol Genet 2018 Apr 5

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Increased H3K9 methylation and impaired expression of Protocadherins are associated with the cognitive dysfunctions of the Kleefstra syndrome.

Iacono G(1), Dubos A(2)(3)(4)(5), Meziane H(2), Benevento M(6)(7)(8), Habibi E(1), Mandoli A(1), Riet F(2), Selloum M(2), Feil R(9)(10), Zhou H(1)(7), Kleefstra T(7)(8), Kasri NN(6)(7)(8), van Bokhoven H(6)(7)(8), Herault Y(2)(3)(4)(5), Stunnenberg HG(1).
Nucleic Acids Res 2018 Mar 15

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Nox4 genetic inhibition in experimental hypertension and metabolic syndrome.

Bouabout G(1), Ayme-Dietrich E(2), Jacob H(1), Champy MF(1), Birling MC(1), Pavlovic G(1), Madeira L(2), Fertak LE(1), Petit-Demouliere B(1), Sorg T(1), Herault Y(1), Mudgett J(3), Monassier L(4).
Arch Cardiovasc Dis 2018 Jan;111(1):41-52

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Translating molecular advances in Down syndrome and Fragile X syndrome into therapies.

Faundez V(1), De Toma I(2), Bardoni B(3), Bartesaghi R(4), Nizetic D(5), de la Torre R(6), Cohen Kadosh R(7), Herault Y(8), Dierssen M(9), Potier MC(10); Down Syndrome and Other Genetic Developmental Disorders ECNP Network.
Eur Neuropsychopharmacol 2018 Jun 7

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