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21st Chromosome-Centric Human Proteome project

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The C-HPP symposium is the annual conference of the Human Proteome Project (HPP).The C-HPP symposium provides an opportunity to review the progress of the global program for the characterization of all proteins encoded by the human genome. At the official launch of the project in 2010 and for pragmatic reasons, human proteins were distributed by chromosomes carrying the genes that code them. Each chromosome has been "adopted" by a country. To date, 89% of the proteins corresponding to coding genes have been characterized. There are still 2186 missing proteins that have not yet been identified by mass spectrometry. The national teams participating in the HPP (Chromosome teams) meet twice a year, either at a dedicated annual symposium or in conjunction with the annual HUPO congress. The 21st edition of the C-HPP symposium will be organized by France, which is responsible for chromosome 14.

MC. Birling will present "The virtuous cycle of human genetics and mouse (and rat) models" in the session named "protein function and approaches".

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Saint- Malo, France

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