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3rd Oceania mouse Transgenic & Assisted Reproduction Technologies symposium

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Welcome to the 3rd Oceania mouse Transgenic & Assisted Reproduction Technologies symposium!

Academic and technical staff working in the fields of Transgenesis & Assisted Reproduction Technologies (TART) gather every 18 months at the International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) meetings to discuss the latest achievements in the field, and share their knowledge to improve animal welfare whilst addressing highly technical questions that are vital to biomedical research.

This year, we are thrilled to host the 3rd Oceania mouse TART symposium at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney! Join us to hear from local and international leaders in mouse genome editing, gene transfer techniques, reproductive engineering, and mouse embryology. The stellar line up of dynamic speakers in a high standing set up holds the promise of what will be an informative, inspiring and interactive symposium.

Registration is free, and attendance is strictly limited, so register now and don’t miss out on this exciting event.

M.C. Birling from PHENOMIN-ICS is invited as speaker and will present the recently developed technical jump to generate large segmental chromosomal rearrangements (deletion, duplication, inversion…) in both mouse and rat using the CRISPR/cas9 technology (CRISMERE, Birling et al Sci Rep. 2017). These models will allow to evaluate the consequences of gene dosage and copy number variation on cognition and to investigate the physiopathology of intellectual disabilities.

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Sydney, Australia

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