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CELPHEDIA Workshop Meeting 2017.

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CELPHEDIA is a network including fifteen centers spread throughout the French territory to be closer to the users. This distributed operational RI (Research Infrastructure) gathers a remarkable palette of expertise, skills and knowledge unique in Europe, in the domains of creation, functional exploration, archiving and distribution of organisms, used as models for fundamental research and preclinical approaches: rodents with the mouse as a leader, non-human primates and non mammalians including aquatic vertebrates. 

CELPHEDIA Network gathering work packages composed of experts in their respective field, proposes to every WP member to meet during CELPHEDIA Workshop Meeting 2017

The aim of the workshop is to continue the development of the current collaborative cross-center projects, but also to optimise and harmonise protocols and processes in the areas specific to each WP.

The Operational Committee is divided in workpackages following 4 main topics:

  • Management & Communication
  • Genome modification
  • Zootechnics, ethics & animal welfare
  • Phenotyping & multi-species approaches

The working groups correspond to the objectives of CELPHEDIA nodes and gather all the scientific experts of the network in a given area.

Due to its unique combination of expertise and skills, CELPHEDIA enables to develop transverse inter-species approaches, at the level of both the technology and the study of human diseases.

On one hand, these WPs materialize this combination of skills through exchanges between the centers. On the other hand, they enable the harmonization of protocoles and processes, either scientific or administrative, to provide users with services specific to the network through CELPHEDIA gateway.

CELPHEDIA Workshop Meeting 2017 will take place  at CNRS headquarters, 3 Rue Michel-Ange in Paris.



Paris, France

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