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Digital PCR (ddPCR) training session

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This training will be postponed - keep eye out of upcoming dates

The training course is currently full !
We propose you to attend some several theoretical sessions to discover ddPCR; to do so, you are invited to fill in the registration form below, based on the 1st registered will be 1st served (limited number of places)- Your involvement will be confirmed by email answer.


  • To prepare and design your experiments using ddPCR
  • To understand the advantages and limitations of ddPCR
  • To use ddPCR technology to detect CNVs (copy number variation)

Audience: researchers and experienced technicians

The course is conducted in French

Collaboration between PHENOMIN-ICS and Bio-Rad Europe

PHENOMIN's contactbedu@igbmc.fr

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- Training course at ICS

Strasbourg, France

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