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Free webinar event: Health and safety of your model colonies

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Take the “fast track” towards protecting the health and safety of your model colonies with the upcoming Charles River's “Quick Insights in Animal Health” event !

The learning series features short, on-demand presentations (each no more than 15 minutes) across six different tracks. PHENOMIN-ICS is taking part in two tracks and will highlight how to improve the reproducibility of your data from your favorite study models. 

  • Animal Welfare
  • Emergency preparedness and biosecurity
  • The microbiome: G. Pavlovic will present "Reproducibility with 16S metagenomics"
  • Health and environmental monitoring           
  • Monitoring the digital vivarium         
  • Emerging hot topics: G. Pavlovic will present "CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing: challenges for research reproducibility and clinical safety" and S. Jacquot will present "Improve reproducibility and animal welfare with better genotyping practices"

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