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IMPC: NIH/KOMP2 conference

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The International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) Steering Committee was formed from a group of funding organizations and major mouse research centres to consider the opportunities presented by the large number of mouse mutants generated by global efforts under the auspices of the International Mouse Knockout Consortium (IKMC) and to maximise the biomedical value of these mutants through large-scale phenotyping. Specifically the Committee’s goal was to develop a plan to harness the major world-wide mouse research programmes and infrastructures in a strategic and coordinated effort to undertake a broad-based, systematic genome-wide phenotyping project of knockout mice in order to provide the wider research community with a long lasting resource of mammalian gene function information.

The NIH/KOMP2 conference aims to review the progress of the KOMP2 & DCC projects and related technologies and establish links with related NIH-funded programmes.

For information please contact: Alexi Archambault alexi.archambault@nih.gov

ICS, as IMPC's membership, will attend the conference throught scientific communications.

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Galveston, Usa

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