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Improving Openness in Animal Research in France

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The European Animal Research Association (EARA) and the Institute of Science Cognitives Marc Jeannerod (ISCMJ) invite you to discuss improving openness in communications about animal research with the general public, political decision makers, and opinion formers in France.

It will held in Bron (near Lyon), on January 28th, 2020.

Attendance at this workshop is free, but registration is essential. The workshop will be held in English.

A certificate of attendance will be delivered by mail for your continuous education program in animal research.

This workshop is offered to those working in the life sciences sector and is designed to support researchers and institutions that wish to be more open about the animal research they carry out. The focal theme of the workshop is to discuss why scientists, researchers, press officers and other stakeholders can and should talk about animal research; it is not a debate about the ethics of animal experimentation.

The discussion is relevant for members of institutions that are involved in animal research - directly or indirectly - and are currently hesitant to speak out in the media or to participate in public engagement activities. We hope that this workshop, and those hosted by EARA in other countries, will help to kick-start a cultural change and support research institutions to handle this issue constructively.



Lyon, France

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