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Mouse model for diseases: approaches for phenotyping -POSTPONED

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This training aims to provide a general framework to learn the basic knowledge and to get scientists start using phenotyping approaches for answering “What’s wrong with my mice”

  • Understand the interest of phenotyping to characterize gene function in mouse models,
  • Learn about the scientific and ethical considerations in phenotyping,
  • Hear about the current web resources available,
  • Learn good practices by experimentation (5 workshops) 


The training is opened to graduate students (PhD), post-doctoral scientists, researchers, and engineers.

Training Programme:

Courses (In the morning)

  • Phenotyping or functional analysis: Cardiology, Behavior, Blood chemistry, Imaging, Metabolism, Neurobiology, Pathology.
  • Evaluation of the embryonic lethality: first strategy.
  • Experimental design: Basic notions in Mutagenesis, Statistics, Ethics and legislation.
  • The large research consortia and Data banks

5 Workshops: What’s wrong with my mice? (In the afternoon)

  • Behavior phenotyping: first approaches (Shirpa, Rotarod and Openfield)
  • Applications of echography to cardiac and embryo phenotyping
  • Blood sampling demonstration
  • Anatomo-pathology: the necropsy as the crucial and complementary step to the in vivo studies
  • Dissection of Embryos in perinatal developmental step.


Interactive Discussion Groups (at the end)

This session consists of open-ended questions in order to allow each attendee to consider their own scientific issue.






- Training course at ICS

Illkirch, France

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