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The Neurex NeuroForum 2021

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In order to reduce the gap between the players in the chain from fundamental to industrial & clinical research and to foster transfer of technology, know-how and knowledge for the therapies of the future, Neurex organizes the first online Neurex lab-companies NeuroForum, an event aiming at gathering all the protagonists of the Neuroscience R&D dynamics.

This 100 % online event gives the opportunity for your lab/team - on one place, on one day - to present your research and meet numerous companies based around the world in order to discover new materials, equipment, research processes etc. and to develop collaborations. The forum will be held fully online on Virbela, a platform recreating a congress hall where each participant is present in the form of an avatar. Companies and Neurex labs have the possibility to display pictures and slides on booths dedicated to their organisation. The platform offers an ideal communication support and real-life type of interactions between participants: free moving around, discussion in private mode...

Join B. Petit Demoulière, from PHENOMIN-ICS, into our virtual Booth # F33 (Academic laboratories & Platforms series) - and live a special interaction experience to undrestand how our services support Neurosciences research !

We hope to meet you there !


09.00 – 11.00 am (Paris) NeuroForum - Exhibition hall

11.00 – 12.45 am (Paris) Conference « Patent & Intelectual property »

12.45 – 02.00 pm  (Paris) NeuroForum - Exhibition hall



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