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Hypertrophy and hypertension models


Pathological models to test drugs or to reveal a cardiac phenotype in mutant mice.

Sample drug-effect results

Model Angiotensin II DOCA Salt (+ uninephrectomy) Isoproterenol L NAME
Blood pressure +37% +18% +10% +17%
LV Mass +17% +50% +68% +23%
Description Small decrease of myocardial relaxation Aorta and pulmonary artery are thickened with narrowed lumina. Kidney show glomerulome phritis Major Fibrosis. Hyperkinetic. No diastolic dysfunction. No diastolic dysfunction. Fibrosis

Strain background references

Combe R. et al. 2016


Azlet osmotic pumps (Charles River Laboratories, Châtillon-sur-chalaronne, France)


Number of animals: 9 mice/gender/genotype

Body weight limit: 25 grams

Hypertrophy and cardiac remodeling models

Isoproterenol-induced hypertrophy and cardiac remodeling


To induce cardiac hypertrophy and cardiac remodeling by chronic isoproterenol infusion in mice as a model to further investigate the effects of mutation and/or pharmacological interventions.


- non-invasive blood pressure equipment (BP-2000 Blood Pressure Analysis System (Visitech Systems)
- echocardiography equipment
- osmotic mini pumps for isoproterenol solution


Number of animals : 9 mice/gender/genotype/experimental group

Atherosclerotic model

See the description here (metabolic exploration models)

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