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β-galactosidase expression


In situ examination of gene expression is an excellent means of focusing examination on gene funtion analysis, particularly in light of the repository of lacZ-expression alleles of genes.

LacZ enzyme activity is evaluated by histochemical staining in order to characterize anatomical structures expressing the targeted gene in adult mice or embryos carrying a lacZ transgene.

Histochemical staining is performed on whole embryos, on whole organs or on cryosections using standard protocols.


As non-specific staining due to endogenous b-galactosidase enzyme activity is frequently found, it is recommended to add non-transgenic organs to compare and distinguish the reporter gene enzyme activity.


  • Whole mount staining : macroscopic images of the tissues expressing the gene
  • Cryosections : Virtual slides or microscopic images of the tissues expressing the genes
  • Reports with annotation of the expression pattern
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