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Marie Wattenhofer-Donzé


4 persons


The ES cells service is in charge of the different culture steps done to produce mutant ES lines by homologous or illegitimate recombinations. The service has also the capability to generate its own ES lines and had developed differentiation protocols as a tool for cellular phenotyping.

C57BL/6N, 129Sv/Pas and BALB/cN ES lines were established in our institute and validated for high germ line transmission efficiency.


  • ES Culture Services ES Culture
    • Growing and freezing of ES cells with different backgrounds
    • Electroporation
    • Subcloning and amplification of targeted clones
    • Karyotyping of mutated ES clones before microinjection into recipient blastocysts
  • Supplementary activities ES supplementary activities
    • Generation of wild type or mutated mouse ES lines within different genetic backgrounds
    • In vitro differentiation of ES lines

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