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Sylvie Jacquot


5 persons; the genotyping team is composed of dedicated persons to fit our customer needs, to ensure expertise and repeatability.


Genotyping is often considered as a straightforward and easy step; in reality providing robust, accurate, and fast results is frequently more challenging that it seems. The platform offers customized genotyping services for any mutation including knock-out, knock-in, transgenic or any other genetically modified rodent model. Different tissues can be used for genotype identification, including tail biopsies, ear tags, embryonic yolk sac and even non-invasive biopsies (hair, feces, buccal, swab...).

Our services cover any genotyping step:

  • Assay design and validation for new strategies or optimization of pre-existing strategies
  • Genomic DNA extraction: different sample types can be processed, including: tails biopsies, ear tags, embryonic yolk sac and even non-invasive biopsies (feces, buccal swab…)
  • Samples treatments with one out of 6 methods available in routine (Universal or specific PCR and/or qPCR reactions, Target gene sequencing, Quantification with droplet digital PCR reactions… )
  • Delivery of interpreted genotyping results (not only raw data).
  • Delivery of detailed genotyping protocol to all our users on request.

Flyer-Genotyping services_2.pdf (228.4 KB)

Our fully automated service allows a high-throughput process, i.e treatment of thousands of samples per week.


  • PCR: allele detection
  • qPCR: quantification Homozygote/Heterozygote
  • Digital droplet PCR: precise copy number
  • High Resolution Melting (HRM): mutations scanning
  • PCR & restriction fragment length polymorphism : mutations scanning
  • PCR & sequencing : mutations confirmationPCR, qPCR

For genotyping request, please contact us

For more details, please visit our dedicated page on the PHENOMIN website

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