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Philippe André


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  • Production of genetically engineered mice (GEM) through introduction of DNA into zygotes as well as through injection of genetically manipulated embryonic stem cells into blastocysts. 
  • Derivation of mouse strains through implantation of embryos into foster recipients 
  • Generation of a large numbers of mice by in vitro fertilization (IVF). 

All animal handlings (mouse selection,set-up of matings, hormone injections) necessary for these procedures are performed by the Microinjection Team.

Transgenic services

Pronuclear injection

A purified genetically engineered DNA is injected into the pronuclei of a fertilized mouse eggs. These injected eggs are then surgically implanted into a pseudopregnant female to produce mice harboring the transgene. Pups are screened for the presence of a transgene at 10-12 days of age. Transgenic founders are identified by PCR genotyping or characterized on request by the gene expression service. Additional breedings to establish the transgenic lines can be proposed.

ES cell injection

Targeted ES cell clones are injected into blastocysts to produce chimera mice. These microinjected embryos are transferred into pseudopregnant recipients. Litters are monitored and evaluated for coat color chimerism. Male chimeras with moderate and high ES cell contribution are then tested for germline transmission. Alternatively, chimeras can be transferred to the investigator after weaning.

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