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This 2-in-1 model is proposed to provide our customers both Knock-In, including humanization and point mutation models, and Knock-Out lines from the same initial genetically engineered model. Site-specific recombination sites are introduced in the specified locus. After breeding the mice with a site-specific recombinase the Knock-Out model can be generated from the Knock-In line.

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ICS expertise:

  • Our experience in the design of Knock-Out models will reduce the risk of production of truncated protein from the partially deleted gene.
  • Our know-how will reduce the risk that the Knock-In allele does not reproduce the pattern and level of expression of the corresponding endogenous allele.


  • 1/3 of the genes are essential. Deletion or replacement of the 2 copies of the gene may lead in embryonic or early post natal lethality.

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